The Imani Films production “El Sueño” is scheduled to be complete in no later than November 2015, just in time to impact the 2016 presidential election. This film depicting the struggle of immigrants known as “Dreamers” is expected to play a strategic role in encouraging people to vote and make their voice heard. The film stars actual “Dreamer” Humberto Castro, who co-wrote the screenplay. It also stars Aldo Acosta, who delivers the weather each day on Univision El Paso! The film will also combine the narrative storyline with a documentary in which immigrants share their experiences and inspirational stories of hope.

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The company is in the process of relocating its principle operations to Miami and these two festivals are the perfect fit. “ Thompson, who sits on the board of directors of both festivals, believes that this will generate additional interest in Imani Films productions and allow the company to use the festivals as a tool to discover exciting new talent both in front of the camera and behind it.

Horror icon Tony Todd, known for his starring role as the CANDYMAN and most recently for his starring roles in the FINAL DESTINATION films, has renewed his commitment to play the title role in the upcoming Imani Films action-espionage thriller, WARLORD: Second Genesis.

Estefany Tejada, star of THE CELL has developed a new exercise program for rapid weight-loss. An elite personal trainer, she plans to release the details soon!

Imani Films and Blotchmovies (A Spanish corporation) sign strategic partnership agreement for the production of 7 upcoming projects!

Imani Films announces plans to open sponsorship opportunities for the new made-for-TV series, THE CELL!

Cesar Pujol is the CEO of Blotchmovies and a principal creative force behind Warlord, Noventa, and the newest series The Cell! Pujol wears many hats, depending on the circumstances; Director, Writer, Director of Photographer, you name it! But ask him for a resume and he will say "I don't have one." That is because Pujol's work has always spoken for itself. A rebel to the core, Pujol left the creative department at Grupo Vips, (one of Spains largest and most lucrative consumer retailers) and started his own company dedicated exclusively to commercial and movie magic. His "batcave" is a fully-integrated studio, specializing in everything from set design to multimedia solutions and post production, to include the state-of-the-art animation and digital imaging. Yet when asked how he feels about the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the debut of The Cell, Pujol just smiles politely. "We are just getting started, but I'm very pleased." Nuff said, Cesar. Rock on!!

-Trent Partridge, Media 55

Margarita Romero, star of NOVENTA, is scheduled to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of THE CELL. Romero is also expected to announce plans for a new book about diet and exercise, detailing how to enjoy the delicious foods of Latino culture while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and avoiding obesity.

Bryan G. Thompson announces completely new script for the “Warlord Project” entitled, “Warlord Second Genesis”. Says Thompson, “We are taking the project in a completely new direction. Warlord is a very technical, espionage-action project, so the script has to be very contemporary and relevant. There have been several international events over the last 24 months that were just too powerful to ignore. The new script is even more powerful than ever!”

You may not see her face in the trailer, but Sarah Kaminski is a key member of the elite fighting force known as THE CELL! Sarah did her own stunts in the series, which included running through the woods and jumping over fallen trees with a black hood covering her face! Look for her in the upcoming episodes of THE CELL!

You may know her as the slick-talking, butt-kicking star of THE CELL series, but Lenecia Porro is no newcomer to the industry. She began her acting career in the film The New World, where she played a Native American. Since then this mixed beauty (Native American, Argentinian and Black) has graced the screen in Evan Almighty, Step Up, The Kingdom, Notorious, and a host of other films, music videos, and commercials, to include the 2011 Spanish-language film NOVENTA in which she played “Margarita” a Cuban woman. She is currently writing and developing a full feature based loosely upon her own life experiences and is co-host of 88.1 WHOV “Soulstreet “ a popular weekly radio show on the East Coast. Our advice, make sure that Lenecia Porro is among your FB likes and don’t miss an episode of THE CELL!

Industry insiders lucky enough to catch a sneak peak of the first scenes of The Cell, all seem to ask the same question: "Who is the exotic beauty cursing out Shepard in Spanish??" None other than Aranzazu Diez. Born in Salamanca, Spain. Aránzazu went on to attend Salamanca University, where she studied computer engineer. She moved to Madrid to start to work at Hewllet Packard when she was 21 years old.Her acting career began when she was approached in a Melbourne restaurant by actor Gerard Butler, who gave her a new vision of her world and inspired her to become an actress. Since then, Aranzazu has starred in over 40 films and become a well-know international actress. Now, Aranzazu has her sights set on Hollywood. With a starring role in the upcoming feature film, Warlord, plus a power-packed role on the web series The Cell, she is well on her way!

The blogs are on fire! They are tweeting, FB-ing, and everyone seems to be asking the same question: ‘Who’s that girl?’. ‘That girl’, (meaning the amazing beauty in the strip club scene from the trailer for the new series THE CELL) is none other than the acclaimed model/actress Megan Woods. Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Woods broke into the industry by becoming a local phenomenon in independent films and commercials.


In her continual fight to bring about positive social change, Karlee Perez has taken on the mission of noble charity.  As she fights the forces of evil in her new series “The Cell” she will continue to help her community is every way possible.  The very “gritty” series deals with social issues head-on while showcasing the witty spirit and combat prowess that has made “Maxine” a fan favorite everywhere!