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The industry is changing. As the digital age advances, companies like Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, and Netflix are offering a very interesting alternative to people who want to be entertained, but don’t have the time to be at home when that entertainment happens. People are beginning to watch most of their content on mobile devices, and this is forcing everyone in the industry to adapt to that trend. Imani Films has also adapted to that trend by becoming intimately involved with the web series community, creating web-based content and supporting select independent producers to that same end. This is not to say that we have abandoned traditional filmmaking. Instead, we have recognized that our growth and evolution as a company requires us to embrace both the old AND the new.


As we move forward with “El Sueño”, “The Cell” and our other projects, we encourage filmmakers from around the world to collaborate with us as we continue to build our alliance of like-minded individuals that will compose the cast and crew of tomorrow’s great film and television content! This alliance has been unexpectedly strengthened by our sponsors. We are enormously grateful to those companies who have seen our vision, supported our passion and financed our endeavors. The saga continues.


Bryan Thompson, J.D., is the CEO of Imani Films, LLC and the founder/CEO of Miami Web Fest, Inc. He is also on the board of directors for the Latino Web Fest, a Miami-based web-series festival uniting creators from throughout Latin America. Thompson has directed two films and is currently producing a web series.