5000 views for only $200 Guaranteed!!

For a limited time, the following pricing will apply to first-time advertisers only.

Small Banner Ad $200   
Medium Banner Ad $350
Large Banner Ad $500

How does it work?
Its simple, for one low price, your ad will remain on our website until a total of 5000 people have viewed the screen with your logo on it.  Using an Analytical Recording System, we monitor the number of visits to our sites and, specifically, the number of visits that result in YOUR business logo being viewed. 

What is a “banner ad”?
It’s Your logo, strategically placed on our web page.  People watching one of our trailers or web episodes will see your logo on the screen as they view the video content.  When someone clicks on your logo, they are immediately redirected to YOUR website.  A banner ad is a great way to increase web traffic and brand recognition.

How do I place a Banner ad?
It’s a simple 2-step process.

  1. Send your logo in the highest resolution possible to
  2. Click this link, select your size and pay through paypal.
  3. Guaranteed Advertising

Small Box Ad
Basic (125 x 125 Pixels)

Hometown Printing & Office Supplies

Liberty Lake Day Camp





Medium Banner Ad
Standard (250 x 250 Pixels)





Large Banner Ad
Premium(768 X 90 pixels)



*Imani Films will routinely move the ad among our several sites in order to maximize market exposure, according to our own determination.  At any given time, the ad may also appear on more than one site at once. The websites,,

*Ads remain displayed until 5000 views are achieved, collectively among all sites.  Upon completion, advertiser will receive a report of internet traffic, confirming all views.  Advertiser will be given the option of renewal.  Renewal price is determined by current market value at time of contract and will not reflect previous discounted pricing.

*Ads may be reshaped as they are relocated to various strategic locations, but will conform to the same general size indications listed.

*Other ad sizes are available upon request.  All custom ads will be priced according to specified requirements.

To set an appointment for your advertising, or receive information about marketing
please call 323-417-2151 or email us at

Guaranteed Advertising